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Thank you for visiting
the POHANG City Council homepage.

The deputy chairman of Pohang City Council Seo Jae-Won image

The deputy chairman of Pohang City Council Seo Jae-Won

I sincerely welcome all citizens who visited the website with great interest in Pohang City Council.
I am Seo Jae-Won, the deputy chairman of the Pohang City Council of Representatives.

As the representative body for 530,000 Pohang citizens, Pohang City Council has continuously investigated and endeavored to achieve regional development and increase welfare for the people.

All members of Pohang City Council will place the opinions of citizens before everything else, and do their best to establish a happy, safe, and salubrious Pohang through harmonious checks and balances.
I also hope this homepage will be viewed as an open space for all citizens to participate and for it to be a place of “communication” and “participation” that gathers various voices from the daily lives of citizens.

Once more, I want to thank you for your visit, and truly ask you to have an active interest, support, and participation for the development of Pohang City Council and Pohang City.