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Parlianmentary operation Organization

Plenary Session

The city council would make the final decision at the plenary session, which is organized by the whole members of the council and opened with the attendance of one third of the members registered. Except for the case specified, general cases are resolved with the presence of majority of members registered and consent of a majority of the members present.
The council meetings are open to the public. However, in the case where, on the motion of more than 3 members, two third of the members present approve or the chairman recognizes the necessity for social orders, a closed meeting can be held.
Agendas submitted to the council will not be rejected although not decided during council session, but may be so if the proposing member's term of office has expired.

Standing Committee

The permanent committee which is established to deliberate on various agenda effectively and professionally shall be called with request of 1/3 or more attending members or if it is deemed required by the Chairman at his or her sole discretion during the session.
However, during the closing session, if it is deemed necessary by the Chairman or with resolution of plenary session, if the Mayor agrees with it, it might inspect the agenda.
At present, Pohang City Council consists of 4 standing committees including Steering, General & Economic Affairs, Health & Industry and Construction & Urban Planning.

Organization of Standing Committees

Organization of Standing Committees
Name Number of Members Division in charge
Assembly Management Board 8 (concurrent)

Details about parliamentary management under the jurisdiction of the assembly secretariat

Details of various regulations about the rules for meetings and parliamentary management

Local Administration Board 8

Details under the jurisdiction of the communicational officer, promoting officer, inspectional officer, Security and Public Administration Bureau, Lifelong Learning Center, City Art Gallery, and Seoul Office

Economic Industry Board 7

Details under the jurisdiction of the Economy Industry Bureau, Agricultural Technology Center, and Agricultural Wholesale Market Management Office

Environment Welfare Board 8

Details under the jurisdiction of the Social Welfare and Environment Bureau, Nam-gu Health Care Center, Buk-gu Health Care Center, Construction and Environmental Office(Sewage Recycling Department), and Water Supply Office.

City Construction Board 8

Details under the jurisdiction of the Terra Nova officer, Urban Construction Bureau, Construction and Environmental Office(Service Facility Department, Sewerage System Department), Park Management Office, and Vehicle Registration Office