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  • Secretary General
    Council activities
    Public Relations
  • Standing Committee
    Assembly Management Board
    Local Administration Board
    Economic Industry Board
    Environment Welfare Board
    Construction City Committee
    Policy Analyst
  • Select Committee

Member of the Legislative Body

7th PoHang Assembly consists of 28 district members, wherein 2-3 members were selected from each election district (based on ordinance amendment adjusting 29 Gyeongsangbuk-do counties to 12 election districts ), and 32 members including 4 members elected by proportional representation. Their tenure ends at June 30, 2014.
As the citizen’s representative, members of the city council keeps ordinance modulation/abolition, budget deliberation/determination, balancing accounts, administration work inspection, Q&A et cetera under their control.


Chair man and Vice Chairman is selected through anonymous vote in the Conference, and their tenures are each 2 years.
Chairman represents the Assembly, arranges its intentions, maintains order within the conference, directs clerical work, while the vice-president takes the place of the president upon his absence.


Assembly divides into upper and special committee. PoHang Assembly, divided into 5 upper committee such as the steering committee depending on the enforcement agency’s duty, evaluates and deals with bills and petitions.
The special committee is set up by the assembly’s decision when needed to evaluate an agenda.

Upper Committee

Upper committee, a institution set up to evaluate different bills professionally and effectively, is held when chairman find it necessary or upon at least 1/3 present members’ request.
However, during close adjustment, the committee could evaluate bills if there is assembly’s decision, chairman find it necessary, at least 1/3 present members’ requests so, or local autonomous committee chairmans requests so.