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Attendance·Visit to the Council

Information on Attendance at the Council

As for a group visit of more than 6 people, download the application form to write down the personal information(where you work or address, name, date of birth).
The application should be filed in writing or online two hours before a meeting. Application for the plenary session should be filed to the council office and the application for the committee meeting to the corresponding office of policy analyst of committee. Citizen attendees should abide by Article 87 and 88 of Pohang City Council Regulation.

  • The following behaviors are prohibited
    • Leaving the seats for the public and entering into the council room
    • Wearing a hat or an overcoat
    • Carrying items unrelated to the meeting into the room
    • Eating or smoking
    • Unfolding or reading newspaper or other books
    • Voice and video recording without permission
    • Explicitly expressing yes or no to the remarks in the room or hand clapping
    • Other behaviors obstructing the proceedings
  • Contact for the information on attendance
    • Council Affairs Office (Tel. 82-54-270-5109, Fax 82-54-270-0222), Policy Analyst Office of Steering Committee (Tel. 82-54270-5052),
    • Policy Analyst Office of General & Economic Affairs Committee (Tel. 82-54-270-5062), Policy Analyst Office of Health & Industry Committee (Tel. 82-54-270-5072)
    • Policy Analyst Office of Construction & Urban Planning Committee (Tel. 82-54-270-5082)

Information on Visit to the Council

To make an application for a field trip, download the application form to write down the name of group, the person in charge, contact, purpose and overview of the trip, and file it to the council office as well as online. The city council is always committed to making the council wide open to the citizens. We welcome the visit by citizens including students who will lead local autonomy in the 21st century. Visit the council and have a firsthand experience on what you have wondered about the council. It will be a good opportunity to recognize the roles and significance of the council, providing great on-site education to students.

  • Contact for the information on visit
    • Contact: Council Affairs Office of Pohang City Council (Tel : 82-54-270-5109, Fax : 82-54-270-0222)