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Roles of Secretariat

Roles & Responsibilities

Council Affairs
  • Comprehensive arrangement of works including the opening of the council
  • Affairs on member registration, registration of members' property, declaration of military service, and other information on members
  • Employment of the staff and HR management
  • General affairs on documents, awards, security, and official seal
  • Affairs on setting, executing and settling budgets
  • Affairs on international cooperation and exchanges
  • Affairs on maintenance and security
  • Management of equipment and supply
  • Affairs on maintaining orders at the meeting room (Attendance and visit by the public)
  • Management of communication facilities and audio equipment
  • Making and implementing various event plans including training for members
  • Protocol and writing speeches
  • Operation of the committee to inspect overseas trips by members for public purposes
  • Other affairs that do not belong to other offices
  • Convening & operating regular and extraordinary sessions
  • Support and assistance for the progress of proceedings at regular and extraordinary sessions
  • Affairs on the receipt and process of bills
  • Affairs on preservation, publication, and transfer of resolved documents
  • Affairs on writing, preserving, publication, and opening various minutes
  • Receipt and handling of petitions and complaints
  • Operation of civil service center
  • Support for the operation of various meetings
  • Affairs on stenography, audio and video recording, and broadcasting of the meetings
  • Affairs on the use of main hall and other conference rooms
  • System management of the minutes on the webpage
  • Affairs on management and use of member's laptop computers
  • Management of collection of acts and autonomous laws
  • Other operational affairs
Public Relations
  • Support & assistant for proposal of bills
  • Gathering materials and research needed for deliberation of bills
  • Collecting & provision of press release
  • Management & operation of the council webpage
  • Affairs related to the national & North Gyeongsang province association of council chairmen
  • Publication & distribution of white paper, news letter, guide books and other PR materials
  • Preparation and provision of various interview and meeting materials
  • Provision of PR materials, including Sea gull news and Open Pohang
  • Maintaining photo records on the council activities
  • Preparation and Management of the Council statistics
  • Operation of archives & management of data
  • Other matters required for bill planning and PR
Policy Analyst
  • Establishing and implementing operation plans for the council
  • Review and report on ordinance, budget, and petition bills
  • Collecting/survey/research on related materials and provision of the data to members
  • Provision of materials to question members
  • Support for the progress of proceedings
  • Operation of public hearings, seminars, and meetings organized by the committee
  • Other matters related to respective committees