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Staff Information

Duties and Contacts

Office Duties Contact
Assembly Executive Office Assembly executive office duty direction 82-54-270-5100
Assembly Management Board Assembly Steering Committee Duty Direction 82-54-270-5050
Assembly Steering Committee Duty 82-54-270-5052
Local Administration Board Local Administration Board Duty Direction 82-54-270-5060
Local Administration Board Duty 82-54-270-5061
Local Administration Board Duty 82-54-270-5062
Economic Industry Board Economic Industry Board Duty Direction 82-54-270-5150
Economic Industry Board Duty 82-54-270-5151
Economic Industry Board Duty 82-54-270-5152
Environment Welfare Board Environment Welfare Duty Direction 82-54-270-5070
Environment Welfare Board Duty 82-54-270-5071
Environment Welfare Board Duty 82-54-270-5072
City Construction Board City Construction Board Duty Direction 82-54-270-5080
City Construction Board Duty 82-54-270-5081
City Construction Board Duty 82-54-270-5082
Parliamentary Duty Parliamentary Duty Direction 82-54-270-5102
member identity, member service, human resource management 82-54-270-5104
Protocol, Secretary Duty, Assembly schedule management 82-54-270-5003
finance, goods supply management 82-54-270-5106
reward, International cooperation, International Travel Evaluation 82-54-270-5105
Communication facility and sound equipment management 82-54-270-5107
General affairs activity management 82-54-270-5109
Assembly car transportation 82-54-270-5107
Assembly car transportation 82-54-270-5004
Finance and Protocol Duty Assitance 82-54-270-5108
Protocol, Secretary Duty 82-54-270-5004
Protocol, Secretary Duty 82-54-270-5004
Proceedings Protocol sDuty Direction 82-54-270-5111
Conference and Intermission Management Bill Supplyㆍmanagement 82-54-270-5112
Stenography 82-54-270-5113
Preparation for conference and protocol assistant duty 82-54-270-5114
Advertisement Advertising Duty Direction 82-54-270-5121
Press release, Assembly News and Advertisement Publishing 82-54-270-5122
Website organization, deliver congratulatory message 82-54-270-5124